Those before us founded the Princeton Order in 1824 – conceiving the idea of a secret Brotherhood based on friendship. They selected like-minded individuals to join their ranks – men who believed in the principles of truth, honor and personal integrity, and visibly demonstrated these beliefs in both character and action. It was no coincidence that the Princeton Order, the Southern Order and the Secret Order at Hobart all formed in the same time period, unbeknownst to each other.

Gradually, these rallying points took form and joined to become what we now call our Fraternity – an enduring association of men, our Brothers in Chi Phi.

In recent years, the growth of Chi Phi has been remarkable. Since 1975, Chi Phi’s membership has more than doubled. Just 36 years ago, we served 28,871 undergraduates and alumni. Today, there are more than 57,000 members. Chi Phi has seen its volunteer efforts, administrative tasks and educational responsibilities grow exponentially.

With pride in our past, it is appropriate to look to our future. To advance and remain relevant, we must raise $10 million to continue our record of accomplishment. Success in this ambitious Changing Lives Campaign enables us to continue offering a top-quality Chi Phi experience to every man who belongs and believes.chi-phi-initiate-chart

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Brother Learns Leadership Lessons at UIFI

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by Seth Regan, Gamma Zeta 2017 (pictured in front with sunglasses) When I was driving to the airport for my flight from Charlotte, NC to Indianapolis, IN, I was nervous.…

Chi Phi Exceeds Campaign Goal by Nearly $2 Million

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Chi Phi Educational Trust has raised $11,873,587 through the Changing Lives Campaign. The Trust raised $1.873 million more than the $10 million goal to support academics, leadership training, chapter excellence…

Scholarship Acknowledgement Form

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Click here to download your scholarship acknowledgement form. Please submit to John Fisher at

Chi Phi to Expand City Clubs

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The Fraternity and Trust have announced a collaborative effort to increase the presence and impact of the Chi Phi City Clubs. City clubs are one part of a larger l…

Chi Phi Offers New Giving Option

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At the inaugural Chi Phi Board of Advisors meeting in January 2014, Alumni discussed the MacLean Legacy Society, Chi Phi’s loyal supporters who remember the Fraternity or their Chapter through…