Marc Powers, Theta Delta 2009

By Testimonials


I joined the Men of 1824 because I truly believe in Chi Phi.  The ideals that the Fraternity teaches are needed now, more than ever in history.  Chi Phi has the ability to truly change the lives of its members; something that few other experiences can hope to do.  I joined the Advisory Council because I recognized that the Fraternity is only as strong as the members that will stand up and fight for it.  Chi Phi has seen extreme highs and lows, and the single common denominator that has kept the Fraternity strong is the selfless devotion of a few dedicated members.  I want to help make sure that Chi Phi is always around for a young man who needs it.

  • George Kanistras, Theta Delta 1963

    By Testimonials

    After attending the (2011) Chi Phi Congress this year and interacting with the bright young Chi Phi brothers, I was extremely impressed with how well rounded each individual was from all the Chapters.  Each young person seemed to be not only well educated but also personable, caring and attentive.  It was a real pleasure to speak to each of these young brothers, and I honestly felt a sense of pride in the Chi Phi brotherhood past and present knowing I had a hand in building the past and was able to contribute to the future generation of such fine brothers.  The quality of men Chi Phi is helping to create will provide this country and the world with a better and brighter future for all.

  • Corban Roache, Tau Zeta 2013

    By Testimonials

    I decided to join the Men of 1824 because I believe in giving back. Chi Phi has provided with me with a core set of values and a firm foundation to build my life upon. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without this organization at my back. It only makes sense then, that I should contribute back to this organization so that others can share these similar benefits. A Brotherhood is about friendship, unconditional love, respect, and ultimately sacrifice. The slight monetary sacrifice that I willingly make through the Men of 1824 Program enables my fellow brethren to reap all of the rewards that being a Chi Phi has to offer. While many of these rewards are material, most of them are embedded into our hearts, and expressed through our character day in and day out.

    I decided to join the Men of 1824 Advisory Council because I believe it is necessary that each of our Chapters are made aware of developments on a national scale. It is important to me that each Chi Phi Chapter is actively engaged in making our respective communities better and stronger. In my personal opinion, the Advisory Council is more than just a mechanism for recruiting to the Men of 1824 Program. It is a means of strengthening the fabric that ties each Chapter together. The fabric that makes Chi Phi such a powerful, unique, and sacred institution.

  • John Hutzler, Kappa Delta 1990

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    As a member and chairman of the Trust’s Scholarship Committee, I am privileged to read about so many of our outstanding members. We provide merit scholarships every year so that undergraduate and graduate students can further their academic goals.  I only wish we could offer more to each Brother.  Every year the committee struggles to make our support meaningful in the face of the escalating costs of higher education. Books alone average over $500 per semester nationally.*

    In addition, Chi Phi provided me with some of the best preparation for my career that I derived from college.  Where else does a 20-year-old get to manage a budget and run a committee that has goals with measurable results? Besides the life-long friends I made, the skills I developed are the most important part of my college years.

    Helping Chi Phi fund scholarships and leadership training for today’s undergraduates is one of the best ways I can give back.  It not only helps Chi Phi build better Chapters, but it helps tomorrow’s leaders get an early start on the skills they will need throughout their lives.


  • Fran Nolan, Kappa Delta 1990

    By Testimonials

    For almost 25 years, I have been proud to call myself a Chi Phi Brother.

    When I was an undergraduate, I was part of a small colony in which all of the Brothers worked constantly to keep the group going.  By the time I graduated, Kappa Delta had received its Charter and was more than three times its original size.  The men of Chi Phi not only rebuilt a strong Chapter, but also contributed to the society around us; our colony included editors and senators, athletes and scholars, and whether we were large or small in number we always made sure our letters were visible.

    Since my graduation, I have returned to upstate New York annually, not only to reconnect with Brothers I have known for more than 20 years (although that alone is always worth the trip), but also to visit the Actives and the more recent Alumni.  I like seeing firsthand how the Chapter continues to thrive, and I enjoy learning about how the undergraduate Brothers continue to serve the university and municipal communities as well as the Kappa Delta Chapter.

    I am grateful for the ability to contribute, through the Chi Phi Educational Trust, to the Kappa Delta Chapter Excellence Fund.  The National Office works hard to provide financial support for the education of deserving active Brothers, and I want to help the folks at National to ensure that the members of my Chapter will be able to continue enjoying a high quality education, contributing to the university, and ultimately reinforcing all of the things that are great about the Chi Phi Fraternity.

  • Randy Loos, Theta Delta 1977

    By Testimonials

    Chi Phi has played a huge role in my life.  The Fraternity helped me get a lot of the education in college that doesn‒t come from books.  It exposed me to values, leadership opportunities, discipline, great times, and lifelong friends.  I could never give back what the Fraternity has given me, but the Capital Campaign is an opportunity to try and repay something!

  • Senour Reed, Eta 1979

    By Alumni, Testimonials

    To give or not, or when to give back to Chi Phi and why. All of us have hopefully pondered these questions from time to time. For me the decision came down to some more recent Chi Phi experiences while serving on the Grand Council and as President of the Chi Phi Club of Atlanta. This volunteering helped open my eyes to the amazing Chi Phi network of Brothers we all enjoy. Whether considering the rich Chi Phi history, the 42,000+ alumni, the 53 Chapters or the Chi Phi undergraduate programming, Chi Phi still offers so much in our lives. So when I learned of the new Changing Lives Campaign, I wanted to know more. The key for me was the many gifting options that can  benefit both my Chapter and the Chi Phi Educational Trust. Never before have there been some many ways to support Chi Phi. Finally, I took inventory of all the friendships I enjoy today due to Chi Phi Brotherhood which began for me some 35 years ago. I know without a doubt that my life would not have been the same were it not for these men and women in my life. Yes, even the Chi Phi little sisters from our Chapter have remained good friends, some are even wives of Brothers. So to give back and begin volunteering was an easy decision for me. The opportunity to give, and by doing so help so many, just seemed a great way to give back to Chi Phi. I hope you will join the many that have contributed over the years. It just takes a phone call or email to get involved. If I can help answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    -Senour Reed ETA 1979

  • Dave Davis, Theta Delta 1973

    By Alumni, Testimonials

    This is the first time Chi Phi has ever truly embraced a Capital Campaign.   It needs to be successful.   It needs to be successful not only to further the mission and goals of the organization, but to keep up with what other fraternities are doing in providing leadership development and scholarship opportunities to their members.   Overall, we are a little bit behind the curve of what other ones are doing and definitely behind where we should be.   Thus, this campaign is huge, if not critical, for the future of Chi Phi.   It is my hope that coming semi-public with a substantial gift will encourage others to take notice and to think about how important Chi Phi was in their life and how good of an organization it is.    Hopefully, each member that happens to read my comments will step forward and give what they can to make us better.

  • Andy Schultz, Alpha Delta 1960

    By Alumni, Testimonials

    I’m supporting the Chi Phi Changing Lives Campaign via a charitable remainder trust because the Chi Phi Chapter at Penn State had such a positive impact on my life.  I’d like other new college students to enjoy the same benefit.

    First, as a freshman, not knowing anyone at Penn State when I got there, I met some Chi Phi Brothers, started rushing, and quickly had 40 friends.

    When I moved in, I learned how an organization works.  Being part of it gave me some early experience on working with a group to meet objectives.  I remember: building floats, developing a Spring Week play, being in Fraternity Sings, serenading Brothers’ sweethearts when they got pinned, hosting the Kingston Trio, playing interfraternity sports, getting help studying for exams, and enjoying the camaraderie at evening dinners, and of course, parties. One of the Brothers even taught me to play the guitar which helped me provide a little background for the singing at parties.  I learned to be humble as a pledge and to be a leader as an officer.

    But the biggest benefit was becoming friends with 40 guys.  Of all the friends I’ve made throughout my life, it’s the guys in the Fraternity that have really remained close friends; lifelong friends. We get together throughout the year and often have reunions with wives in the summer.  They are more important to me than any other friends I’ve made in my life.  What’s the price tag on that?

    Outside of family, friends make life special and fun. I’d like to hope at least other young men each year experience the same things I did.  I think that’s a pretty good reason to give back. I hope others will come to the same conclusion.

  • Stephen P. Tolleson, Omega 1969

    By Alumni, Testimonials

    I am supporting Chi Phi with a major contribution because I believe in what it does to build strong young men to be the next leaders of our country. I personally felt a sense of fulfillment in my life being a Brother in one the most stimulating fraternities there is. I developed long lasting friendships which have helped me to succeed in my career. Contributing to Chi Phi is an honor and will do much to propel the Fraternity into the future.