Chi Phi Exceeds Campaign Goal by Nearly $2 Million

By Alumni

Chi-Phi-Camp-Logo--sliderChi Phi Educational Trust has raised $11,873,587 through the Changing Lives Campaign. The Trust raised $1.873 million more than the $10 million goal to support academics, leadership training, chapter excellence and Chi Phi’s heritage.

Chi Phi worked with OmegaFi, a fraternal industry leader, to prepare for the campaign. “There was a lot of behind the scenes work most people don’t know about,” Trust Chairman Christopher Shuler noted. “We updated nearly every policy used to govern the Trust and adopted many more to improve our operations. We invested heavily in technology allowing us to upgrade our accounting system, our member records management system and website. We expanded our volunteer base by over 100 additional Alumni and friends. We hired new staff to manage our efforts and guide the Trust. We wanted to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign.”

Over 2,400 Brothers, parents, friends and corporate partners made a pledge to support the Changing Lives Campaign. Donors pledged $4.45 million to fund the greatest need faced by Chi Phi, $6.50 million for Chapter specific initiatives including building educational space in chapter houses and providing local scholarships, $344,357 in scholarships to educate Brothers, nearly $400,000 in support of leadership training programs and nearly $175,000 in support of the Chi Phi Greek Life Museum.

“These gifts haven’t just impacted today’s Brothers. These gifts will go on to change the lives of Chi Phi men for generations to come. It was exciting to be a part of this historical effort and I want to thank all the donors for being as generous as their means would allow,” commented Campaign Co-Chair Dr. James P. Soderquist.


  • Carnevale Makes $110,000 Gift to Endow Scholarships and Support Mu Chapter

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    As Grand Alpha, Rocco Henry Carnevale, Mu 1980, made it clear to anyone who would ask and in every action he took his first priority was to serve the Brothers of the Chi Phi Fraternity.

    Thanks to an extraordinarily generous gesture, Carnevale’s service and name will live on for generations as a result of the $110,000 gift he’s made to support his beloved Mu Chapter and endow what will become known as the Rocco Henry Carnevale Scholarship.

    To accomplish his objectives, Carnevale named the Chi Phi Educational Trust as a beneficiary of his 403(b) plan for $100,000.  Naming a nonprofit organization like the Educational Trust as the beneficiary of a 403(b) or 401(k) plan is a method of planned giving without involving the estate or estate taxes. In this case, it provides a permanent endowment to provide perpetual support to an institution Carnevale cherishes.

    In addition, Carnevale becomes one of the most recent alumni to make a five-year commitment and join the prestigious Gladfelter Circle recognizing those alumni contributing $2,000 in one year, with $10,000 going to the Mu Chapter Excellence Fund.  “œI am pleased to support the Brothers in this way, and I encourage other alumni to come off the sidelines and be recognized as part of the legacy of our first ever capital campaign.”

    “A monthly deduction from your bank account or credit card is a great way of becoming a Gladfelter Circle member.  Any amount will make a big difference, especially over time, to Chi Phi” explained Carnevale.  “At the end of the day, it’s all about leadership and setting the example of giving back to the institutions that made us who we are today.”

    “When I started college in 1976, I found a stable and nurturing environment at Chi Phi. It’s my hope that our tradition of serving and giving will be passed along well into the future to all the Brothers.”

    Carnevale’s service to Chi Phi began as a young man on the campus of the Stevens Institute of Technology located across the Hudson River from New York City in Hoboken, New Jersey. As an undergraduate, Carnevale held several chapter offices, including Beta, Delta, Recruitment Chairman and Steward while earning his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1980.  During that time he also became a certified Engineer-in-Training and a member of ASME and ASHRAE.

    Soon after graduating with his engineering degree in hand, Carnevale began his professional career working for a large multi-national architect engineering company designing and building nuclear and fossil fueled electric generating stations around the United States.  In 1986 he achieved his professional engineering license and currently serves as a Project Manager / Systems Engineer at the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory advancing technologies associated with thermonuclear fusion and energy development for over twenty five years.

    As his career took off, he continued to remain connected to Chi Phi. He has served as president of the Mu Alumni Association for twenty five years after serving as secretary for three years. He is proud of the fact that the Mu Chapter house – affectionately known as the ‘Green Gate’ – is one of the few fraternity houses at Stevens that is not owned by the University.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many Mu Brothers, Chi Phi continues to chart its own destiny and manage a sizable asset for the benefit of future generations.

    His involvement with the national fraternity began in 1988, when he attended the College of Excellence as an Alumnus participant. His interest in serving the broader Chi Phi brotherhood increased with his exposure to programs such as COE and RLA as well as Chi Phi Clubs and Meet and Greets across the country.

    “Attending COE as an observer really helped me learn the ropes as a young Alumni President and gave me an opportunity to meet with my peers from other chapters,” Carnevale reminisces.

    In 1998, he attended his first Congress as a voting Alumni Delegate in Atlanta. Carnevale has attended every one since the 2000 Congress in Chicago.

    “I learned that sitting at the table is better than being in the room, and if you are not in the room, you are in big trouble.”

    Carnevale considers alumni involvement with the host Universities and the National Organization essential to the health and wellbeing of the local Chapter.

    Carnevale was elected to the Board of Governors of the Educational Trust at the 2002 Congress in San Francisco serving two terms during the Ron Frank administration.  In addition, he served on the COE Dean’s Team from 2002 -“ 2008 and as a group facilitator. He was Alpha of Congress at the New York City Congress in 2003, and served as Chairman of the Executive Director Search Committee that hired Michael Azarian, Psi Delta 1997, in 2004.

    Grand Alpha Richard Lane, Kappa Zeta 1993, invited Carnevale to serve on the Grand Council in 2004 as the Heritage & Traditions Counselor. Between his service to COE and on the Grand Council, Carnevale earned a reputation as a great communicator, among students and alumni. He was elected Grand Alpha-Elect in 2006 and took over as Grand Alpha at the 142nd Chi Phi Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007, serving the National Fraternity until the Denver, Colorado Congress in 2009.

    In 2013, Carnevale began serving the National Fraternity as a member of the Grand Alpha-Elect Search Committee and the Educational Trust as a member of the newly established Trust Advisory Committee.  He spent much of his time as Grand Alpha visiting the local Chapters and as many undergraduates and alumni as possible. He continues to visit Chapters and Brothers on his travels and was awarded the Chi Phi Distinguished Service Award at the Baltimore Harbor Congress in 2012. He received the Stevens Alumni Award in 2014.

    Endowing scholarships is a way to continue his service to and support of Brothers far into the future.

    “I see my involvement as an investment in advancing a highly worthy endeavor and helping the Brothers to develop professionally and socially in a pluralistic society,” said Carnevale. “Fundamentally, we are all links of a chain, and it is our responsibility to maintain the strength and integrity of our Fraternity.”


  • Third Annual March Mania Challenge Kicks Off

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    Basketball teams from colleges and universities all over the country are vying to be one of the 68 programs selected to play in the NCAA Tournament. They are working hard for bragging rights, to carve their legacy in NCAA history and to honor their schools.

    The Chi Phi March Mania Challenge offers the same opportunity for Alumni all over the country. The Challenge is about bragging rights, honoring your Chapter, continuing your legacy and providing for the next generation. While the 68 best basketball teams in the country compete for the national championship, we need your help to raise $68,000 to support your Chapter and Chi Phi Scholarships.

    For this Challenge, you don’t need a great jump shot to help your Chapter score points. Every dollar you pledge to the Chi Phi Educational Trust before April 7 will score one point for your chapter. By making a pledge of any amount, you will score points to help your Chapter claim victory. More importantly, you’ll provide scholarships for Chi Phi Brothers and educational programs for your Chapter.

    Each Chi Phi Chapter has been bracketed (download brackets) and is poised for glory. Winning Chapters will receive a trophy, be featured in the Chakett and be highlighted on our website. Help your Brothers score big by visiting before April 7.

    We are also looking for coaches to help guide their Chapters to victory. If you are interested in joining the March Mania Coaching Crew contact Director of Development, Nick Holmes at or 404.231.1824.

  • March Mania Excitement Captivates Chi Phi

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    Sixty-eight college basketball teams took to the court in March for their chance to make history in NCAA March Madness. Long time rivals went head-to-head. Cinderella teams dreamed of cutting down the nets. Everyone put in their all for honor, for glory, for being crowned the best in the nation!  In the end there was only one winner for the NCAA tournament, but unlike the NCAA Chi Phi crowned three winners across four categories in the Chi Phi March Mania Challenge.

    Chapters went head-to-head fighting to win glory and honor and to make Chi Phi history.  More importantly, everyone was working to raise money to support Chapters, educational programs and scholarships for Chi Phi Brothers.  Chapters scored one point for every dollar donated by students and alumni. At the end of March, the Chapters with the most points scored by alumni, the most points scored by students, the most alumni participating and the most students participating would walk away winners.

    The month started off hotly contested.  Rho Delta went up against Theta Zeta and after cruising to a victory Rho Delta faced perennial powerhouse Beta.  Just like Florida Gulf Coast University in the NCAA tournament Rho Delta pulled off a big victory advancing all the way to the final four.  Theta Delta made an easy run to the elite eight where they faced Delta Zeta.  Delta Zeta actives hit the phones and called alumni asking them to help score points.  After a battle, Delta Zeta engaged more alumni than any other Chapter but Theta Delta was able to bank more points from alumni.  Theta Delta would go on to face Eta in the final four and advance to the Championship where they met up with Cinderella story, Lambda Theta.

    In the end, Lambda Theta was able to sweep the student participation and points score by students categories.  Theta Delta hung on to win the most points scored by alumni, but Delta Zeta won the alumni participation category.

    These Chapters continued the Chi Phi winning tradition. Over the past two years, Chi Phi has been winning big!  We have added seven chapters to our rolls. We have brought back the College of Excellence and added the Alphas Academy to train chapter presidents. Chapters are performing at the highest levels we have ever seen. All of this is because of generous donations from Alumni, actives, parents and friends.

    Through the March Mania Challenge $24,293 was donated to support Chapter Excellence Funds and Chi Phi Scholarships.  While Theta Delta, Lambda Theta and Delta Zeta will walk away with trophies, every Chi Phi Brother and Chapter benefited from March Mania.





  • Senour Reed, Eta 1979

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    To give or not, or when to give back to Chi Phi and why. All of us have hopefully pondered these questions from time to time. For me the decision came down to some more recent Chi Phi experiences while serving on the Grand Council and as President of the Chi Phi Club of Atlanta. This volunteering helped open my eyes to the amazing Chi Phi network of Brothers we all enjoy. Whether considering the rich Chi Phi history, the 42,000+ alumni, the 53 Chapters or the Chi Phi undergraduate programming, Chi Phi still offers so much in our lives. So when I learned of the new Changing Lives Campaign, I wanted to know more. The key for me was the many gifting options that can  benefit both my Chapter and the Chi Phi Educational Trust. Never before have there been some many ways to support Chi Phi. Finally, I took inventory of all the friendships I enjoy today due to Chi Phi Brotherhood which began for me some 35 years ago. I know without a doubt that my life would not have been the same were it not for these men and women in my life. Yes, even the Chi Phi little sisters from our Chapter have remained good friends, some are even wives of Brothers. So to give back and begin volunteering was an easy decision for me. The opportunity to give, and by doing so help so many, just seemed a great way to give back to Chi Phi. I hope you will join the many that have contributed over the years. It just takes a phone call or email to get involved. If I can help answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    -Senour Reed ETA 1979

  • Dave Davis, Theta Delta 1973

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    This is the first time Chi Phi has ever truly embraced a Capital Campaign.   It needs to be successful.   It needs to be successful not only to further the mission and goals of the organization, but to keep up with what other fraternities are doing in providing leadership development and scholarship opportunities to their members.   Overall, we are a little bit behind the curve of what other ones are doing and definitely behind where we should be.   Thus, this campaign is huge, if not critical, for the future of Chi Phi.   It is my hope that coming semi-public with a substantial gift will encourage others to take notice and to think about how important Chi Phi was in their life and how good of an organization it is.    Hopefully, each member that happens to read my comments will step forward and give what they can to make us better.

  • Andy Schultz, Alpha Delta 1960

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    I’m supporting the Chi Phi Changing Lives Campaign via a charitable remainder trust because the Chi Phi Chapter at Penn State had such a positive impact on my life.  I’d like other new college students to enjoy the same benefit.

    First, as a freshman, not knowing anyone at Penn State when I got there, I met some Chi Phi Brothers, started rushing, and quickly had 40 friends.

    When I moved in, I learned how an organization works.  Being part of it gave me some early experience on working with a group to meet objectives.  I remember: building floats, developing a Spring Week play, being in Fraternity Sings, serenading Brothers’ sweethearts when they got pinned, hosting the Kingston Trio, playing interfraternity sports, getting help studying for exams, and enjoying the camaraderie at evening dinners, and of course, parties. One of the Brothers even taught me to play the guitar which helped me provide a little background for the singing at parties.  I learned to be humble as a pledge and to be a leader as an officer.

    But the biggest benefit was becoming friends with 40 guys.  Of all the friends I’ve made throughout my life, it’s the guys in the Fraternity that have really remained close friends; lifelong friends. We get together throughout the year and often have reunions with wives in the summer.  They are more important to me than any other friends I’ve made in my life.  What’s the price tag on that?

    Outside of family, friends make life special and fun. I’d like to hope at least other young men each year experience the same things I did.  I think that’s a pretty good reason to give back. I hope others will come to the same conclusion.

  • Stephen P. Tolleson, Omega 1969

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    I am supporting Chi Phi with a major contribution because I believe in what it does to build strong young men to be the next leaders of our country. I personally felt a sense of fulfillment in my life being a Brother in one the most stimulating fraternities there is. I developed long lasting friendships which have helped me to succeed in my career. Contributing to Chi Phi is an honor and will do much to propel the Fraternity into the future.

  • Dick Gilbert, Rho 1962

    By Alumni, Testimonials

    The Chi Phi experience for me has been one that provided personal growth and leadership opportunities while a student at Lafayette College, and then evolved into a lifelong experience of new and lasting fraternal friendships.  Simply stated, Chi Phi has been an important part of my life.  In particular, Chi Phi friendships developed over more than fifty years are a part of my life.  For me now to be able to help provide young men seeking a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree financial support to become a Brother and share in the bonds of brotherhood as I was able to do is why I chose to participate in our Fraternity’s major capital campaign.  This campaign also provided me the opportunity to help fund the development of a museum within our National Headquarters building which will be devoted to the history of Chi Phi and the fraternal movement in our country.

  • Ron Frank Pledges $50,000 to Expand Chi Phi’s Leadership Offerings

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    Former Grand Alpha Ron Frank, Nu Delta 1983, Iota Zeta 1989, Delta Zeta 2000, is one of Chi Phi’s shining stars.  He’s held almost every position an alumnus can hold at the national, regional and local level.

    “I have a unique perspective,” explained Frank.  “I’ve worked on the front lines with several different Chapters, and I’ve seen the value and benefit of having strong leaders running those Chapters.  Students don’t get this intense leadership training anywhere else on campus like they do while in a fraternity.”

    “I also have a national view,” he continued.  “Strong leaders will not only make strong Chapters, but strong Chapters make for a strong Fraternity.  Leadership education and training is critical for both our undergraduate and alumni members, and I’m happy to support the bold initiative Chi Phi is now developing.”

    Since his initiation by the Nu Delta Chapter at the Florida State University in 1981, Frank held several offices as an undergraduate, has worked to colonize and charter a chapter at George Mason University, and served as the Alumni Association President for Nu Delta.  He also served the entire State of Florida as President of the Florida Alumni Club for several years.

    A pillar in the Chi Phi community, many alumni regard Frank as the man who saved Chi Phi when it experienced some of its most difficult times in the early 2000s.  During that tumultuous period, Frank served an unprecedented five years as Grand Alpha from 2000 to 2005.

    Throughout his involvement and many roles, Frank has remained committed to developing and enhancing the leadership programs available to Chi Phi undergraduates.  The former Dean of the Chi Phi College of Excellence has spent his volunteer career focusing on character-building activities within the Fraternity.

    At the 2009 Chi Phi Congress in Denver, Colorado, Frank officially returned to a national leadership position when Grand Alpha Soderquist named him Grand Beta of the Fraternity.

    In recognition of Frank’s long-term commitment to Chi Phi and his desire to see the Fraternity succeed and prosper in the twenty-first century, Frank has agreed to make a $50,000 cash gift to the Chi Phi Educational Trust. One-half of this gift ($25,000) will fund the Ronald P. Frank, Nu Delta 1983 Quality Enhancement Fund, a non-endowed fund to be used by the Chi Phi Educational Trust where the Trustees believe the need is greatest.  The other half will provide start-up and operational support to develop a comprehensive values-based leadership education continuum and multi-year membership development program for the Fraternity.