What I Learned at Alphas Academy

By November 21, 2014June 3rd, 2021News

By: Macmillan Jacobson, Alpha-Tau 2016

For those of you who do not know, the Alphas Academy program was started a few years ago by Chi Phi as a way to train incoming Alphas in the ways of running their respective Chapters. I can honestly say that without this program my term as president would not have gone nearly as well. A special thanks goes out to Alpha-Tau donors for covering my travel expenses to Georgia for this event.

At Alphas Academy, I gained first-hand knowledge on the inner workings of the Chi Phi National Office. I learned all of the various benefits that the national office provides our chapter, something that seemed nebulous to me before the Academy. The thing that stuck in my head the most was that the national office began chapter excellence funds (CEFs) that give students scholarships and grants. Alumni, students, parents and friends can make gifts to these CEFs to help Brothers in their respective Chapters. The Alpha-Tau CEF allowed me to attend Alphas Academy.

I also learned about chapter accreditation, something that I have excelled in since Alphas Academy and hope to do so again during my second term as Alpha. Chapter accreditation allows the national office to check up on us as a Chapter and see how we are standing in various fields; socially, brotherhood, and academically. We succeeded in becoming accredited last semester.

Not only did I learn about the operations of the national office, but I was also taught invaluable leadership skills. After Alphas Academy I was more effectively able to handle many of the problems that arise during an Alpha’s term. An example of this was the apathy that was growing in the Chapter. It started to spread like a cancer and I dedicated my entire term to combating this cancer. I am happy to say that brotherhood attendance to our events has increased significantly since we started giving people more incentives to come to our events like raffles and prizes.

I would not have been nearly as successful as an Alpha had I missed Alphas Academy. I extend my gratitude to the Alpha-Tau Alumni and the Educational Trust for supporting me and the rest of my Chapter in its growth as a brotherhood.