As one of the earliest recipients of scholarship funds from Theta Delta, Kamthorn “Sunny” Sukumarabandu, Theta Delta 1997, joins with Theta Delta Scholarship Foundation, Inc. President, David Davis, Theta Delta 1973, in front of plaque that recognizes Sunny as the recipient of the Fred and Claire Davis Scholarship endowed by Cindy and David Davis, in honor of David’s parents.

By David Davis, Theta Delta 1973

Kamthorn “Sunny” Sukumarabandhu, Theta Delta 1997, was an active and engaging young brother of Chi Phi at the University of Florida some 18 years ago. Inspired by his attendance and participation at the Chi Phi College of Excellence, he set goals for the Chapter, posting them in the Chapter Room. As the goals were accomplished, he would place the Fraternity letters at the end of each line with a red marker. He had learned that this was a way to bring the entire chapter together to meet goals.

Sunny was one of the first recipients of a scholarship through the Theta Delta Scholarship Foundation, Inc, a predecessor to the Theta Delta Chapter Excellence Fund. This last year he made $2,000 in donations to the Changing Lives $10 million Campaign for Chi Phi.

“It was a sense of pride and personal integrity to give back to Chi Phi,” ┬áSunny says. “Chi Phi gave me so much while I was active in both memories and building blocks for my future. I hope my contribution helps the Actives to reach their goals and to inspire them that Chi Phi doesn?t end when you graduate.”

Some of the leadership skills he honed during his time an active are still paying dividends in his career and his life. “Chi Phi reminds me that Truth, Honor and Personal Integrity bring out the best in me. Those attributes are a strong reflection of who I am and that carries over to my professional career. Those around me know that they can count on me to get my job done and be forthcoming to express a better solution or opportunity.”

Sunny’s smile comes out as he remembers his days as an active. “Carpe Diem!” He states. “I seized the day with my brothers and the time we had together. We always enjoyed life and pushed everything to the limit. Looking back, I have no regrets with the time I spent with my brothers, and even today that brotherhood stays strong as we are all still just as close as we were as actives.”

“The best memories I have were always surrounded by my brothers, whether it was going to Gator football games, random road trips, or just playing cards late at night to the morning sun. Those are the memories I will never forget.”

Sunny’s recent gifts to Chi Phi demonstrate the full circle of the fraternity experience. Young members receive, and later they give back. Chi Phi continues to thrive thanks to alumni like Sunny.