Changing Lives Capital Campaign Nears End

By November 7, 2014June 3rd, 2021News

When Chi Phi launched the ambitious $10 million Changing Lives Campaign in 2009 there were many doubters. The country was in an economic crisis. Even the data showed Chi Phi could only raise $5 million. Chi Phi had never tried something this in its 189-year history.

“The vision is too bold,” naysayers said. “We have talked about funding things like the Alphas Academy or a Greek Life Museum for years, but that’s just talk.”

With a committed group of volunteers and more passion for the Fraternity than could be contained, Alumni leaders decided Chi Phi couldn’t afford not to launch this Campaign. The country needed better leaders, better men…Chi Phi men. Chapters and Brothers were eager to grow, to develop, to improve. The campaign was necessary to help the next generation of Brothers achieve their dreams.

Alumni, parents, actives and friends from around the world have stepped up and answered the call to change the lives of Chi Phi Brothers. Generous donors have committed $9,318,444 toward the $10 million goal for the capital campaign. These donors have made Chi Phi a great Fraternity again!

These donors brought back the College of Excellence, expanded the Regional Leadership Alliances, funded over $500,000 in scholarships, sent Brothers to the prestigious Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, built the Chi Phi Greek Life Museum and started the Alphas Academy.

The Campaign and these donors are changing the lives of Chi Phi Brothers, the face of our Fraternity and the trajectory of the nation. Chi Phi is building the next great generation. Alumni still have opportunities to add their name to this historic effort.

To participate, visit or send a gift to change lives to Chi Phi Campaign Office PO Box 2187 Columbus, GA 31902. Alumni gifts will help Chi Phi meet its ambitious goal and show just how important Chi Phi is to the future of our nation.