Congress Elects Three Governors

By October 24, 2014June 3rd, 2021News

At the 149th Congress, in addition to electing a Grand Alpha, delegates elected three new Chi Phi Governors.

“The Board of Governors isn’t a well understood part of Chi Phi, but they are a critical part of Chi Phi. Their role is to appoint new Trustees to the Educational Trust Board and to remove any Trustee who isn’t fulfilling his responsibilities,” stated Board of Governors Vice-Chairman Hans Stucki, Iota 1970.

The Governors are elected by the Congressional body and serve two-year terms. Only five Governors serve at any one time and the Board is chaired by the Educational Trust Chairman. Brother Randy Loos, Theta Delta 1977, and Brother Tom Holtey, Beta 1962, ended their terms as Governors.

“Tom and Randy did an outstanding job as Governors. They helped grow the Educational Trust Board and were key in helping execute our vision. We appreciate their service to Chi Phi,” shared Trust Chairman Chris Shuler, Alpha Zeta 1984.

Brother Fran Nolan, Kappa Delta 1990, was elected to the Board of Trustees leaving the third vacancy.  During the opening Congressional Session, Chairman Shuler nominated Brothers Mike Molinari, Omega 1997, Sahil Patel, Gamma 2000, and Ron Drag, Psi Delta 1984, to fill the three seats.

Congress delegates unanimously approved the nominations adding three very experienced Brothers to the Board of Governors. Molinari, Patel and Drag immediately began their terms and will serve until 2016.