New Scholarship to Honor Grand Alpha Soderquist

By October 10, 2014June 3rd, 2021News

To honor outgoing Grand Alpha Jim Soderquist, Alpha 1967, the Trustees of the Chi Phi Educational Trust have named the Soderquist Scholarship.

“Jim really wanted to help the men who have served as Field Executives after they leave staff,” shared Director of Development Elizabeth Vaughn. She went on to say, “Since many former Field Executives return to school to pursue a masters or professional degree, Jim felt that establishing a scholarship for graduate study would be the best way to help these men that give so much to Chi Phi.”

When Ms. Vaughn shared the news of Soderquist’s latest gift with the Educational Trust, Chairman Chris Shuler, Alpha Zeta 1984, suggested the Board work with Alumni to raise $50,000 to match Soderquist’s gift and rename the scholarship the Soderquist Scholarship.

“We wanted to honor Jim and help him give back in a way that was important to him.  We cannot overstate all that Jim has done for Chi Phi, between his financial support, his service as Trust Chairman and now as Grand Alpha and Changing Lives Campaign Co-Chair, he has really helped Chi Phi become a leader in the fraternal world,” shared Shuler.

Trustees worked secretly throughout the year to raise $50,000 for the Soderquist Scholarship, even enlisting a few of Soderquist’s Alpha Chapter Brothers along the way.  “Keeping this a secret from Jim hasn’t been easy,” shared Mike Beall, Alpha 1976, “but it has been well worth the effort.”

If you would like to help honor Grand Alpha Soderquist with a donation to the Soderquist Scholarship, please visit or contact Director of Development, John Fisher at 404.231.1824 or