Inagural Board of Advisors Meeting a Success

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Since 1975, Chi Phi’s membership has more than doubled. Just 38 years ago, the Fraternity served 28,871 Actives and Alumni. Today, there are more than 47,000 Chi Phi Brothers. Chi Phi has seen its volunteer efforts, administrative tasks and educational responsibilities grow exponentially. The model for Greek life is also changing. Leading students look for a fraternity that enhances their collegiate experience outside of the classroom, one that serves as a launch pad to a successful career.

To better serve Chi Phi Brothers, the Educational Trust established the Board of Advisors in March 2013. The Board of Advisors supports the Educational Trust’s Board of Trustees and provides critical advice on a number of current issues facing the Trust. This is of particular demand today because of the resulting demands of a rapidly growing membership organization and the changing Greek world.

The Board of Advisors had their inaugural meeting in January 2014 in conjunction with the Alphas Academy.  The advisors reviewed the Trust’s Strategic Plan, making key updates and offered advice on the Changing Lives Campaign.  Advisors also discussed Chapter housing and how Chi Phi may be able to better support housing for Chapters.

Four advisors participated in the Taking Leadership from the Chapter Room to the Board Room panel during the Alphas Academy and all joined the Alphas for the Chairman’s Dinner.  “This was a great weekend. I enjoyed meeting other Alumni, but spending time with the Chapter Alphas was fantastic,” shared Advisor Dick Gilbert, Rho 1962.

Board of Advisors Members

Rocco H. Carnevale, Mu 1980

John Christian, Lambda 1980

David F. Davis, Theta Delta 1973

Richard S. Gilbert, Rho 1962

Scott A. Henderson, Alpha-Tau 1984

Solon P. Patterson, Gamma 1957

J. Wray Pearce, Tau 1966

Josh Price, Epsilon Delta 1998

Andrew Schultz, Sr, Alpha Delta 1960

John Christian, Lambda 1980