Chi Phi Greek Life Museum Made Official at Congress

By October 22, 2013June 3rd, 2021News

Chi Phi has been working on building a Greek Life Museum since the beginning of the Changing Lives Campaign. Brother Dick Gilbert, Rho 1962 and Brother Frank Uryasz, Alpha Theta Chi 1983 generously kicked off the efforts with combined gifts of $90,000 to support the Museum.

Though construction of the museum space began in March 2013, the Chi Phi Greek Life Museum was officially launched at the 148th Chi Phi Congress in June when the formal agreement was signed by the Grand Alpha James Soderquist, Alpha 1967 and Trust Chairman, Christopher Shuler, Alpha Zeta 1984. The Museum is housed at the William M. Byrd Chi Phi National Headquarters and will include curated displays highlighting the fraternal movement through the years. Patrons can also visit the Museum website to immerse themselves in electronic exhibits. Exhibits will be available to the public as well as Chi Phi Actives and Alumni and will chronicle the historical and cultural roles of Greek-letter organizations in the development of higher education in North America.

The Greek Life Museum provides an opportunity to preserve, protect, and showcase the historic documents, photographs, and memorabilia of Greek-letter organizations. The Museum, an ongoing evolution, provides Members and non-members an opportunity to learn and marvel at the influence the fraternity world has had on Americas culture and society. Displays boast the prominence of Chi Phi as one of the nations greatest fraternal organizations. Displays also house items of historical significance to the entire fraternity and sorority movement

The Museum has developed a display showing the covers from the first Fraternal Publication “ Chi Phis very own Chakett. Visit the Greek Life Museum website to immerse yourself in eighty years of Chakett covers. See the evolution of the publication over those years and learn more about how the Chakett went from a member directory to the magazine it is today.

The Greek Life Museum also holds photos dating back to the late 1800’s, letters documenting Chi Phi’s founding and the patent application for the Chi Phi pin, the Chakett and pledge pin. Additionally, minute books, original membership cards, and historic material from many Chi Phi Chapters are available for exploration.

The Greek Life Museum will further reveal that all Chi Phis have a proud tradition and brotherhood they belong to. Having this archive, a living link to Fraternity and Chi Phi life, will provide an engaging view of how fraternities were formed and how they function today. All museums provide amazing value to their greater communities; our hope is that the Chi Phi Greek Life Museum will do the same and with Alumni support this will be a reality for all, stated Greek Life Museum Committee Chair Senour Reed, Eta 1979.

Members of the Greek Life Museum Committee have spent months carefully outlining a plan for success for the Museum. The Committee has also spent countless hours carefully documenting and recording Chi Phi archives. This careful planning is laying the foundation for long-term success of the Museum. The Committee has targeted March 2014 as the Grand Opening.

How You Can Help

Since Chi Phis founding in 1824, as the first gentleman’s fraternity, we have built a strong organization and helped create an entire movement. Fraternities play a key role in the lives of today’s students. Chi Phi continues to provide training, guidance, personal development and values for a new generation of men. As the Fraternity continues to grow, we must preserve our heritage. Those who have been privileged to enjoy the Chi Phi experience now have the opportunity to endow future generations. Your contribution to the Greek Life Museum will make the difference. Your commitment to donate as generously as your circumstances permit will ensure future generations access to our rich history.

Alumni, Actives, parents, friends and corporate partners can make gifts to the Greek Life Museum by a variety of outright, pledged and planned giving methods. Pledges may be paid over one to five years. Contributions to the Chi Phi Educational Trust (tax id: 58-6035103) are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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