Chi Phi Donors Change 56 Lives with Scholarships

By October 8, 2013June 3rd, 2021News

The Chi Phi Educational Trust grants over $100,000 annually in academic and leadership scholarships. These scholarships are made possible through generous donations from Alumni, Actives, parents, and friends. These gifts allow hundreds of active Brothers to pursue higher education and develop key leadership skills each year.

One very generous friend of Chi Phi, Ms. Eugenia Neel left a bequest of $250,000 to create the Neel Scholarships. Ms. Neel wanted to assist Chi Phi men for generations and to honor her parents, Brother Robert William Neel, Omega 1911 and Tommie Louise Park Neel, and her brothers, Brother Robert William Neel Jr., Gamma 1941 and Joseph Lockhart Neel, Eta 1943.

The Trust acknowledged 56 exceptional young men with $50,000 in academic scholarships in 2013. With so many impressive young men to be considered, it was a difficult assignment for the Scholarship Review Committee to determine the 56 winners.

Several scholarship winners expressed their gratitude to donors who made their award possible. Brother Brad Bartel, Kappa 2015 stated, œI wanted to thank Chi Phi donors for your enormous generosity and for believing in my educational future. I will use this scholarship to assist with tuition for my summer classes. This money will facilitate my goal of one day attending medical school and becoming a surgeon. This scholarship lessens the burden on my shoulders and more importantly motivates me and others to continue our hard work academically and fraternally.

Applicants hailed from 41 of Chi Phis 55 Chapters and included 21 Chapter Alphas and 19 Chapter Betas. Applicants had an average Grade Point Average of 3.45 and served as members of their campus student governments, on athletic teams and in the US Military. Applicants were also members of the Men of 1824 Advisory Council, former Field Executives, Congressional Delegates, Chapter Advisors and former Grand Council members. Majors ranged from English to Education, Business to Sociology, Pre-Med to Marketing.

The Scholarship Review Committee comprised of twelve Brothers, reviewed the academic scholarship applications. The Committee, chaired by Brother Sahil Patel, Gamma 2000, spent six weeks evaluating the scholarship applications and assigning points for grade point average, Chapter leadership and involvement, community service and future aspirations. œI have served on the scholarship committee for several years, so I know how hard it can be. Our Brothers are doing amazing things on our campuses and in our communities. stated Brother Patel. œIts no easy task to select 56 winners from this outstanding pool of candidates.

2013 Chi Phi Academic Scholarship Review Committee

Dan Ahearn, Theta Delta 1999
Miles Crowder, Gamma 1963
Bob Finley, Lambda 1980
Jon Martin, Omega 1999
Fran Nolan, Kappa Delta 1990
Jim Okonak, Delta Xi 1971
Sahil Patel, Gamma 2000
Dave Skelton, Omega 1980
Cory Thomas, Mu Delta 1986
John Wallace, Gamma 2001
Bob Christopher, Pi 1954

If you would like more information about how you can serve on the Academic Scholarship Review Committee or how you can establish a Chi Phi scholarship, please contact Elizabeth Knott, Senior Director of Development, at or 800.849.1824.

2013 Scholarship Winners

Undergraduate Scholarships
James Koy, Theta Zeta 2013
Adam Pannier, Pi Theta 2013
Travis Weaver, Psi Theta 2013
Kristopher Yingling, Nu 2013
William Brown, Iota 2015
Zachary Evans, Psi Zeta 2015
Alexander Jankovic, Eta Theta 2015
Timothy Brown, Lambda 2014
Richard Dutchover, Lambda Zeta 2014
Rajiv Dwivedi, Psi Zeta 2014
Parker McDill, Psi Zeta 2014
Pablo Muniz Jr., Lambda Zeta 2014
Sayan Paria, Phi Delta 2014
Kyle Robles, Epsilon Delta 2014
Sagar Manda, Kappa 2013
Andrew Previc, Psi Zeta 2013
Evan Price, Lambda 2015
Victor Virgilio, Lambda Zeta 2015
Scott Winters, Pi Theta 2015
Naman Benday, Nu Theta 2014
Andrew Lightsey IV, Epsilon Theta 2014
Jacob Nilles, Kappa 2013
Isaac Butterfield, Psi Zeta 2015
Pratik Desai, Alpha Delta 2015
Nicholas Levin, Kappa 2015
Michael Boles, Rho 2014
Adam D’Amato, Pi Zeta 2014
Evan Gordon, Psi Zeta 2014
Ruben Sanchez Jr., Mu Theta 2012
Mathhew Suarez, Mu Theta 2015
Michael Dellavalle, Alpha Delta 2013
Simon Chen, Nu 2013

Graduate Scholarships
Marcus Powers, Theta Delta 2009
Michael Barbalance, Alpha Delta 2014
Tyler Moyer, Phi Lambda Theta 2011
Alexander Olsson, Lambda 2008
Clayton Conners, Delta Pi 2011
David Ebner, Delta Zeta 2008
Nicholas Medina, Lambda 2008
Joshua Minich, Delta Pi 2007

Neel Scholarships
Gabriel Rosenbrien, Psi 2014
Michael Gustin, Tau Zeta 2014
Macauley OConnor, Alpha Chi 2013
Steven Howard, Omega 2014
John Malone, Xi Delta 2014
Bradley Bartel, Kappa 2015
Erik Dove, Epsilon Delta 2014
Keely Maher, Lambda 2014
Robert Mosca Jr., Pi Zeta 2014
Mitchell Solomon, Xi Delta 2014
James Bishop, Delta Zeta 2013
Jonathan Fall, Delta Pi 2016
Zachery Bearden, Alpha Zeta 2014
Michael Van Ham, Delta Pi 2014
Zykerious Crawford, Delta Pi 2014
Tim Chen, Epsilon Delta 2012