Is the Greek Way Passe?

By September 5, 2013June 3rd, 2021News

Forty-nine years ago this month Robert H. Shafer, Indiana University Dean of Students, wrote the attached article  for theChakett. Nearly a half-century later his words still ring true.  Through the Total Membership Education program, Alphas Academy, Regional Leadership Alliances and the College of Excellence Chi Phi is working to bring many of Dean Shafer’s ideas to fruition.

“Is there a person who can doubt the worth of an enterprise dedicated to brotherhood in a world crying out for brotherhood and love as dominant forces in our lives?”

“Can you imagine the job of a young chapter leader getting up before 65 to 70 members who are eager to get through [a meeting] and saying, “Let’s really review our ritual, our ideals tonight.” The vote is usually about unanimous not to. Those leaders are doing a job we don’t appreciate sometimes.”

Download the full article and read more about Dean Shafer’s suggestions for strong fraternities and brotherhood.