I decided to join the Men of 1824 because I believe in giving back. Chi Phi has provided with me with a core set of values and a firm foundation to build my life upon. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without this organization at my back. It only makes sense then, that I should contribute back to this organization so that others can share these similar benefits. A Brotherhood is about friendship, unconditional love, respect, and ultimately sacrifice. The slight monetary sacrifice that I willingly make through the Men of 1824 Program enables my fellow¬†brethren¬†to reap all of the rewards that being a Chi Phi has to offer. While many of these rewards are material, most of them are embedded into our hearts, and expressed through our character day in and day out.

I decided to join the Men of 1824 Advisory Council because I believe it is necessary that each of our Chapters are made aware of developments on a national scale. It is important to me that each Chi Phi Chapter is actively engaged in making our respective communities better and stronger. In my personal opinion, the Advisory Council is more than just a mechanism for recruiting to the Men of 1824 Program. It is a means of strengthening the fabric that ties each Chapter together. The fabric that makes Chi Phi such a powerful, unique, and sacred institution.