Gladfelter’s Words in 1953 Ring True Today

By March 7, 2012June 3rd, 2021News

Former Grand Alpha and National Director Carl Gladfelter, Alpha-Tau 1933 wrote the attached article in the Chakett in 1953.  Much has changed, but much of his words still ring true.

“The pages on one side of the ledger record memories of wonderful friendships and experiences, of trials and tribulations, of values found nowhere in college years except through your Fraternity.  Many of us feel that Chi Phi added much depth and breadth of our place in society as men.

“What about the other side of the ledger?  Does it balance for you?  We can no longer ignore the simple fact that many of us are not paying for our share, nor are we helping to perpetuate a thing from which we once received immeasurable value.”

Read his entire article from 1953 by downloading it here.