To give or not, or when to give back to Chi Phi and why. All of us have hopefully pondered these questions from time to time. For me the decision came down to some more recent Chi Phi experiences while serving on the Grand Council and as President of the Chi Phi Club of Atlanta. This volunteering helped open my eyes to the amazing Chi Phi network of Brothers we all enjoy. Whether considering the rich Chi Phi history, the 42,000+ alumni, the 53 Chapters or the Chi Phi undergraduate programming, Chi Phi still offers so much in our lives. So when I learned of the new Changing Lives Campaign, I wanted to know more. The key for me was the many gifting options that can  benefit both my Chapter and the Chi Phi Educational Trust. Never before have there been some many ways to support Chi Phi. Finally, I took inventory of all the friendships I enjoy today due to Chi Phi Brotherhood which began for me some 35 years ago. I know without a doubt that my life would not have been the same were it not for these men and women in my life. Yes, even the Chi Phi little sisters from our Chapter have remained good friends, some are even wives of Brothers. So to give back and begin volunteering was an easy decision for me. The opportunity to give, and by doing so help so many, just seemed a great way to give back to Chi Phi. I hope you will join the many that have contributed over the years. It just takes a phone call or email to get involved. If I can help answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Senour Reed ETA 1979