As a member and chairman of the Trust’s Scholarship Committee, I am privileged to read about so many of our outstanding members. We provide merit scholarships every year so that undergraduate and graduate students can further their academic goals.  I only wish we could offer more to each Brother.  Every year the committee struggles to make our support meaningful in the face of the escalating costs of higher education. Books alone average over $500 per semester nationally.*

In addition, Chi Phi provided me with some of the best preparation for my career that I derived from college.  Where else does a 20-year-old get to manage a budget and run a committee that has goals with measurable results? Besides the life-long friends I made, the skills I developed are the most important part of my college years.

Helping Chi Phi fund scholarships and leadership training for today’s undergraduates is one of the best ways I can give back.  It not only helps Chi Phi build better Chapters, but it helps tomorrow’s leaders get an early start on the skills they will need throughout their lives.