For almost 25 years, I have been proud to call myself a Chi Phi Brother.

When I was an undergraduate, I was part of a small colony in which all of the Brothers worked constantly to keep the group going.  By the time I graduated, Kappa Delta had received its Charter and was more than three times its original size.  The men of Chi Phi not only rebuilt a strong Chapter, but also contributed to the society around us; our colony included editors and senators, athletes and scholars, and whether we were large or small in number we always made sure our letters were visible.

Since my graduation, I have returned to upstate New York annually, not only to reconnect with Brothers I have known for more than 20 years (although that alone is always worth the trip), but also to visit the Actives and the more recent Alumni.  I like seeing firsthand how the Chapter continues to thrive, and I enjoy learning about how the undergraduate Brothers continue to serve the university and municipal communities as well as the Kappa Delta Chapter.

I am grateful for the ability to contribute, through the Chi Phi Educational Trust, to the Kappa Delta Chapter Excellence Fund.  The National Office works hard to provide financial support for the education of deserving active Brothers, and I want to help the folks at National to ensure that the members of my Chapter will be able to continue enjoying a high quality education, contributing to the university, and ultimately reinforcing all of the things that are great about the Chi Phi Fraternity.