Gamma Chapter: Recruiting, Recolnizing and Raising Money

By June 15, 2011June 3rd, 2021News

Gone from Emory University since 2009, preparations are underway for Chi Phi to recharter Gamma Chapter in 2012.

Alumni have spent countless hours planning and preparing to ensure a successful return to campus and to the Gamma Chapter house, Connolly Hall.  They’ve spent much time working with University administrators and staff from the National Office to forge a successful partnership that will result in a healthy new Chapter.

In addition to the recolonization planning, Gamma has launched an exciting campaign to build the Gamma Chapter Excellence Fund (CEF) at the Chi Phi Educational Trust.  Working with Director of Development Elizabeth Knott, Kappa Delta Sorority, the Emory Chi Phis plan to raise at least $50,000 to recruit the best men on campus and to provide the leadership and educational development necessary to guide the Chapter in perpetuity.

The $50,000 fundraising effort, combined with nearly $100,000 that is already in their existing CEF will provide nearly $7,500 in scholarships and educational grants each year.

Recruitment is a key part of why the alumni felt this campaign was important.  Awarding scholarships will help Gamma recruit quality young men, recognize chapter officers, encourage chapter and campus involvement and much more.

Alumnus Preston Herren, Gamma 1964, explained, “Scholarships are a selling point to potential members.  The kind of men that we want to join will be excited about a scholarship.  It is important for Gamma to fund the maximum number of scholarships that we can.”

Gamma alumni imagine offering the entire 2012 new member class a scholarship, or being able to send all new chapter officers to the Chi Phi College of Excellence.  There are dreams of offering each brother with a 3.5 or higher grade point average a $1,000 scholarship to reward his hard work.

The second driving force behind the campaign is to provide leadership development opportunities for their members.  Gamma alumni know how important strong leadership is to the long term success of the Chapter.  By funding the CEF, alumni provide a resource for members to attend vital leadership development programs such as the Chi Phi Regional Leadership Alliance, College of Excellence, the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute and more.

“Strong leaders will help guide the Chapter and ensure a successful return,” said Herren.  “They’ll also stop problems from happening in the future.”

Arming themselves with these recruiting and training tools will help return Gamma to its rightful place at Emory.  Installed a mere 33 years after Emory was founded, Chi Phi has a long and distinguished history at the University.  Enhancing the resources available to the Chapter will help continue that positive tradition.  Scholarships and awards will give Gamma a recruiting edge and lay a foundation for future growth and sustainability.

Bucky Dykes, Gamma 1972, summarized the feelings of many donors to the Gamma CEF when he stated, “I decided to support the campaign for Gamma Chapter because of the long legacy of Chi Phi at Emory.  There are buildings on campus bearing the names of Chi Phi men.  Emory has had many Trustees and Presidents that were Chi Phi men.  I couldn’t let that legacy end.”

Recruiting a quality class of new members and raising the funds to bolster the Gamma CEF are the keys to the successful return and ongoing viability of Chi Phi at Emory.