Former Executive Director Announces $500,000 Gift

By June 15, 2011June 3rd, 2021News

In a Christmas Eve e-mail message to Grand Alpha Jim Soderquist, Alpha 1967, former Executive Director and long-time volunteer Randolph M. “Randy” Loos, Theta Delta 1977 decided to share some news he had kept to himself for some time.

Inspired by the recent progress of the Fraternity and attempts by Soderquist to steer Chi Phi in the right direction, Loos quietly told Soderquist about a provision in his estate plan to provide $500,000 to the Chi Phi Educational Trust after his death and the death of his wife.

It was a Christmas surprise no one expected.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Soderquist.  “I’ve known Randy for years.  He’s always been a great Brother and dedicated Chi Phi.  He’s worked with the Fraternity and Trust in a variety of capacities, but he never hinted about the possibility that he might do something so extraordinary for Chi Phi.”

A financial advisor and volunteer for many nonprofits, the $500,000 planned gift will support two important programs in equal parts.  Half of his gift will provide unrestricted support to the Theta Delta Chapter Excellence Fund to support the scholarship and educational programs of the Theta Delta Chapter at the University of Florida.  The other half will provide unrestricted support to the Educational Trust.

“I’m not interested in putting conditions or restrictions on my gift,” explained Loos, “especially from beyond the grave.”

Although he established the provision in his estate plan many years ago, Loos decided the time was right to make his support known.  He originally only wanted the leadership of the Fraternity and Trust to know about his gift.  Modest in many ways, he did not plan on a public announcement.  However Soderquist and Director of Development Fred Maglione convinced him that Chi Phi needed to announce such a generous gift publicly.

“The fraternity wants to say thank you,” said Soderquist.  “We also hope to demonstrate to other Alumni that Chi Phi is indeed worthy of such a significant investment.”

In the history of Chi Phi, only three other individuals have made gifts in excess of $500,000.  Loos joins a small inner circle of true believers who want to see Chi Phi advance.

“I really believe in the work Jim Soderquist is doing,” explained Loos.  “He’s not settling for mediocrity, and he’s trying to push our Fraternity into the 21st century and an era of unprecedented success. It’s not an easy task.  I wanted Jim to know about my gift, and if it might inspire others to do something similar, all the better.”

The avid Florida Gator football fan has been involved with Chi Phi since he arrived on the University of Florida campus and walked through the Chi Phi House in 1971.  As an undergraduate, Loos served as Alpha, Beta and Delta for the Chapter which was Chi Phi’s largest at the time.  In 1977, he received the Carl J. Gladfelter Leadership Award as Chi Phi’s National Active of the Year.

At the University of Florida, Loos was named the Outstanding 1977 graduate after serving as president of Omicron Delta Kappa leadership honorary and vice president of Florida Blue Key, a prestigious leadership group on campus.

After graduation with a degree in finance, he went to work at rival Florida State University as a research consultant in the Comptroller’s Office.  While living in Tallahassee, he served as the Grand Council’s representative from the National Fraternity working with the Nu Delta Chapter.

A year later, the Grand Council named him Chi Phi’s new Executive at a meeting held December 3, 1978, in Atlanta.  Loos succeeded National Director Raymond J. Donohue, Omega 1961.  Loos held the position for a year and a half until he decided to leave the post to begin a career as a financial advisor.